How to Become a Muralist - Career Guide & Jobs

Muralist Job Description

Muralists apply paint to create artistic works on wall, murals and other large indoor and outdoor surfaces. They create original artwork using a wide variety of media and techniques.



Muralist Job Duties

  • Confer with client to gain thorough understanding of their project needs
  • Estimate timelines and cost of materials
  • Develop and work within project budget
  • Submit preliminary or finished artwork or project plans to clients for approval, incorporating changes as necessary
  • May use freehand drawing, computer imaging or other methods to create sketches or portraits
  • May create or replicate works of art using memory, imagination, sketches or photographs
  • Brush or spray a variety of paints and other finishes to walls, murals and other surfaces
  • Maintain portfolios of artistic work to demonstrate styles, interests, and abilities



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