What is a Media Coordinator?


Media Coordinator Job Description

Media coordinators work with advertising agencies or media buying agencies. They assist clients in maximizing the reach of their marketing efforts with the use of a range of media.


Media coordinators combine analysis with creativity in order to develop strategies. They must apply knowledge of media and communications platforms in order to identify the most appropriate form of media to help a client build its brand. 


Media coordinators work with the press, television, radio, the internet and other platforms such as brand promotion on the side of taxi cabs.



Typical Job Duties

• Develop and implement evaluation techniques for media campaigns

• Proofread advertisements prior to publication or release

• Manage client relationships to establish and ensure trust in judgment

• Liaise with other internal departments to create strategies

• Develop professional network of media owners and managers

• Work closely with client in order to fully understand their needs and budgetary restrictions

• Think creatively about ways to represent client’s brand

• Present proposals to client to obtain final approval

• Identify target audience for client’s product or service



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