What is a Motivational Speaker?

Motivational Speaker Job Description

Motivational speakers provide information and inspirational speeches on general or specific topics to groups of people.


Their services are usually contracted by schools and businesses to speak on such topics as healthy living, personal or financial success or organizing one’s personal life.


A motivational speaker is an expert in customizing their message to suit a specific audience.



Typical Job Duties

• Help individuals motivate mental, spiritual, social, physical, financial and personal aspects of their lives

• Continuously strive to improve verbal communication skills

• Perform research in order to maintain current knowledge of motivational speech topics

• Speak with individuals to offer consultations and answer questions after speech delivery

• Setup own engagements unless they work for a large company which may handle this responsibility

• Deliver speeches in a wide array of different environments including schools, churches, community events, government agencies, special events, trade shows, and conferences

• Promote their motivational speeches to ensure that they are well attended events



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