What is an Intergovernmental Relations Coordinator?


Intergovernmental Relations Coordinator Job Description

Intergovernmental relations coordinators may represent government offices (such as Office of the Mayor) of any level and are responsible for developing and executing strategies to achieve the goals of their officer in conjunction with the other levels of government.


They also aim to solidify the position of their office on legislative issues, and work with other governmental departments and offices to develop unified proposals and identify technical experts to present relevant testimony in order to represent their office in a variety of settings.



Typical Job Duties

• Ensure that all relevant government representatives within the office are well informed of any pertinent issues

• Meet with Governmental Managers and Assistant Managers to discuss issues and objectives, to determine strategies and approaches, and to brief on current activities and challenges

• Review and research proposed public policies affecting the jurisdiction, including regional and federal legislation

• Identify grant opportunities and prepares relevant grant applications

• Coordinate and conduct special projects and researchRepresent their level of government and jurisdiction on issues involving interaction with other levels of government

• Receive and respond to public inquiries

• Work with citizens on issues which affect the community as a whole



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