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Strategic Planning Consultant Job Description

A strategic planning consultant assists a company’s senior management with planning their business. They assist in determining the best way to utilize the company’s resources so that revenue and profits can be increased. Strategic planning consultants may work with small or early stage companies in order to prepare business plans or other materials which may help attract investors.


They may also assist larger companies with the creation and implementation of a strategic plan or budgeting system. They may also be asked to help with a special project which may require strategic planning expertise, such as a merger or acquisition.



Strategic Planning Consultant Job Duties

  • Liaise with client in order to learn about the company and its goals
  • Research the industry in which the client operates
  • Prepare business plans and other materials which may help attract investors
  • Contribute strategic ideas which help increase revenue and profits
  • Help non-planning oriented managers understand how a strategic plan is constructed and its various benefits
  • Create project quote
  • Complete project within specified budget and timeline



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