What is a Labour Market Analyst?

Labour Market Analyst Job Description

Labour market analysts are responsible for designing and conducting labour market research projects. They must participate in the intellectual development, primary and secondary research, analysis and reporting of labour market conditions and forecasts within specified market sectors.



Typical Job Duties

• Maintain valid and up to date database of statistical information relevant to socio-economics and labour market forecasting in specified sectors

• Participate actively in the ongoing intellectual development and continuous improvement of labour market forecast models, products, and tools

• Speak as an expert at conferences and seminars regarding labour market issues, present forecasts and labour market outlooks within specified sectors

• Respond to inquiries from colleagues, stakeholders and the general public

• Develop labour market intelligence products that contribute to the research priorities of the organization

• Conduct primary and secondary research on labour market conditions and econometric models of employment, hiring requirements, and talent availability

• Monitor labour market conditions and ensure the accuracy of current forecasts



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