What is a Labour Organizer?

Labour Organizer Job Description

A labour organizer is a member of a union or labour organization who is responsible for recruiting new members into the union and providing them with comprehensive information concerning the union, its various functions and its responsibilities.  


A labour organizer also performs various administrative functions, as well as attends meetings and events on behalf of the union or labour organization.



Labour Organizer Job Duties

• Manage e-mail lists containing the contact information of members, managers and all other stakeholders

• Create and maintain new member packets

• Respond to inquiries and concerns from within the jurisdiction

• Keep the Board of Directors advised as to any developments regarding potential problems, issues or activities that the union needs to be a part of

• Develop local legislative contacts

• Create and administer member training sessions

• Develop and maintain media contacts

• Organize and participate in meetings, demonstrations and rallies



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