What is an Internship Coordinator?

Internship Coordinator Job Description

Internship coordinators are responsible for supporting the educational and occupational growth of students by developing and delivering comprehensive student internship and career development placement services.


Throughout the internship process, the internship coordinator acts as a liaison between the educational institution, the student and the employer. 



Typical Job Duties

• Update and maintain the career services website and informational items

• Assist students with the graduate school application process by providing them with information concerning the research process, essay writing and the admission application itself

• Build partnerships with organizations that can provide internships for students

• Consult with employers regarding optimal marketing strategies to connect students with internships and jobs

• Coordinate and participate in career fairs

• Act as a liaison between the student, educational institution and the internship or placement providers

• Provide students with student employment information, paperwork and authorization

• Provide students with guidance and information regarding career research, options and decision making, goal setting, and job searching

• Provide career counseling services and related programming for students and alumni




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