4 Tips for Getting a Job with an Arts Degree


4 Tips for Getting a Job with an Arts Degree

A degree in arts can arm you with the skills, but landing a job can be difficult. In order to increase your chances of finding relevant employment with your arts degree, consider the following quick tips:


1. Increase your employable skill set with a double major

2. Consider a graduate degree 

3. Gain relevant career experience as a student

4. Don’t be scared to start at the bottom


1. Increase Your Employable Skill Set with a Double Major

Pursuing a double major is a good way to get the best of both worlds in university - a chance to study subject matter you are passionate about, while simultaneously opening up your career options.


You may be pursuing a degree in arts (let's say political science, history, or English) out of personal interest or passion in the subject matter. And perhaps you will be fortunate enough to become employed in a career directly related to your degree.


With today’s job market being tough, many graduates of arts programs miss out on the opportunity to pursue a career directly related to their degree, especially those who don’t choose to pursue an advanced degree.


To protect yourself against this possibility, consider pursuing a double major, with your second major being in a field that will put you in a good position to find a well-paying job after graduation. Such fields may include:



Interior Design



2. Consider a Graduate Degree

A graduate degree can increase your chances of finding employment in your field, as it gives you an edge over applicants with a bachelor’s degree. It also helps you develop highly specialized knowledge, and opens the doors to careers that aren’t accessible with only an undergraduate degree, such as many research, consulting and teaching positions.




3. Gain Relevant Career Experience as a Student

Pursuing a work placement opportunity (also known as an internship, field experience, practicum or co-op opportunity) in career fields related to your degree is the best way to gain invaluable career experience while you are still a student.


If you are thinking of pursuing a career in arts, do your best to get work experience in the field before you graduate. Even if you decide to pursue a career not directly related to your degree, this work experience will be very helpful. Working in the field while you’re still a student has many benefits, including:


• Meeting other people who share the same professional interests

• Making your own conclusions about a career in your field

• Strengthening your resolve to pursue your chosen career path

• Gaining valuable career related experience

• Getting your foot in the door with an organization


4. Don’t Be Afraid to Start at the Bottom

Although an arts degree arms you with skills to succeed in various careers, it may not be enough to get you the job you want right off the bat. There might also be heavy competition for jobs, and you might be beaten out by a candidate with more experience, more education, or by an internal candidate that the employer is already familiar with.


Your chances of finding the perfect job increase substantially if you’re willing to start at the bottom, and work your way up to it. Many employers want to hire candidates with previous experience; people that have proof of in-field success and competence.


Starting in an entry-level job can help you earn that experience. The skills you’ve earned by pursuing your arts degree can help you move up the ladder faster by enabling you to perform your job with competence, and get you noticed by the higher-ups.


So don’t be afraid to start at the bottom - “holding out” for the right position can leave you lingering around the unemployment office for much longer than anyone wants you there. Don’t be your own worst enemy, check your ego at graduation, and go find yourself an entry-level job!




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