How to Become a Jewelry Designer


Jewelry Designer Job Description

Jewelry designers create one of a kind pieces of jewelry. Using sketches or computer programs, they will create and present various design options to customers.


Jewelry designers may also design jewelry for mass production while employed by large manufacturers.



Typical Job Duties

• Use designs or instructions relating to design for customers

• Carving wax or shaping metal to make a model of jewelry

• Solders parts together and may engrave design or set a gemstone

• May adjust ring sizes, reset stones, fixing or replacing broken mountings or clasps

• May use computer aided design software to simplify the design process, as well as simplify the mold making and model making processes

• Create molds based on hand designs or computer aided designs

• May appraise jewelry

• Adjust or repair necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings

• Set and polish gemstone



How to Become a Jewelry Designer

To get started in a career as a jewelry designer, you must first decide if you want to become a designer and sales representative of your own products, or if you would prefer to become a production jeweler.


If you prefer to become a production jeweler, it is recommended that you apply directly to jewelry production companies for any applicable positions for which they are hiring. Using a proactive approach such as this is the best way to ensure that you expose yourself to any opportunities in the hidden job market.


You can also supplement these efforts by searching online job boards and newspaper classified ads.





If you would prefer to sell jewelry that you have designed, your first step will be to experiment with different mediums in order to find your preferred material. You must also decide what designs you will be creating; you may need to seek inspiration for your style by viewing the work of many other designers. 


Acquiring the necessary jewelry production tools and materials may be expensive, so ensure you have savings, a spouse or family, or another job to draw funds from.


Once you have begun to create your jewelry, you can begin to sell it at farmer’s markets, trade shows and other venues. You can also promote it to local stores that sell jewelry and other accessories, or sell it through an online store of your own. 


You may also consider selling your jewelry to large department stores by contacting their procurement or purchasing departments and arranging a time when you can bring your products in for them to view.


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