How to Become a Stylist

Stylist Job Description

Fashion stylists, or stylists, are responsible for creating unique wardrobe styles for individuals, or for making a photographer’s vision come to life.


Fashion stylists try to show the model, actor or individual’s personality and style through the clothes or outfits that they are wearing.


They can work for individuals as consultants, or they can work in commercial settings such as photo shoots, commercials, movie sets and music videos. In commercial settings, they assume all tasks related to styling and creating fashion related visuals.



Typical Job Duties

• Combine outfits and accessories that will look appealing to a target audience for commercial purposes

• Must build up a good network of clients if working as a consultant

• Set meetings with PR companies, retailers and manufacturers

• Borrow, rent or purchase props, garments and accessories

• Must keep up to date with fashion trends

• Conceptualize and develop fashion visuals that can be used for an individual, photo shoots, movie set or music videos

• Provide insight as to what outfit, accessories or shoes should be purchased

• Assess the wardrobe and style of an individual and recommending changes





How to become a Stylist

To become a personal stylist, you will need two things: skill and exposure. Your skills must include a constant awareness of the newest trends, as well as knowledge of where to find the items it takes to pull off a look.


Follow fashion blogs, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and read fashion magazines to keep abreast of what’s happening in the world of fashion. You should do as much free work as you can for friends and family in order to gain experience with putting looks together and sourcing items.


The first step in marketing your services is to develop and maintain a portfolio. Ensure that your portfolio contains a diverse body of your best work. Creating a website and social media accounts to showcase your work is a great way for prospective clients to find you, and have quick and easy access to your portfolio. 



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