What Does a Comic Book Writer Do?

Comic Book Writer Job Description

Comic book writers are the creators of comic books and graphic novels. They conceptualize stories for children or adults, put them into words, and then create suitable illustrations that form comic strips.


The writer must develop the plot and the setting as well as construct the characters. Once the story is complete, they add the elements of motion, action and closure.



Typical Job Duties

• Collaborate with illustrators and editors, although some handle all of these duties depending on the size of the organization they are employed with

• Conceptualize characters, plot lines, setting and other story elements

• Conceptualize the look and feel of the illustrations to be made

• If operating as a freelance comic book writer, marketing the comic book will be a primary focus

• If operating as a freelance comic book writer, sourcing a printing company and pricing will be an essential job duty



How to Get a Job as a Comic Book Writer

Some comic book writers have jobs with publishers, although many are work as freelancers. Those who are self-employed must develop and maintain a strong reputation in order to secure a steady flow of work.


If you wish to become self-employed as a comic book writer, it may be a good idea to maintain a steady job while you develop your client base; this will ensure your financial bases are covered, and will take the pressure off rather than panicking and struggling to develop a steady client base in a short amount of time. It will take some patience and marketing ability to get your business built, so be patient and work hard. It’s also important to write every day, so that you develop and cement your signature style.


If you wish to land a job with a publishing company, such as those that produce newspapers and magazines, then it is recommended you make a list of such companies in your area or in other areas if you are willing to relocate. Once you have created this list, contact these organizations directly and express your interest in obtaining employment with them, or an internship if available. Be sure to maintain and update with your portfolio, and submit it to potential employers and clients on a regular basis. Utilize your best work, and a variety of different pieces in order to showcase your versatility.


Ensure that you are keeping track of who you spoke with and when. They may not hire you right away, but that sort of initiative can pay dividends down the road when they do hire.



Scholarships for Becoming a Comic Book Writer

The Applicable Majors section below shows fields of study relevant to a career as a Comic Book Writer. You can search for scholarships matched to those fields of study on our Fine Arts Scholarships page.


Success Tip: Be sure to apply for any scholarships that you even barely qualify for, as there are millions of dollars of scholarships that go unused every year due to a lack of applicants!



Applicable Majors

Studying one of the university majors listed below is an excellent starting point for getting started in this line of work. Click on the links to find out what else you can do with these majors!


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