What is a Music Editor?

Music Editor Job Description

Music editors decide how music tracks are presented in a film. They must ensure that the music is in tempo with the scenes and that the music acts as an enhancement to the film, rather than a distraction.



Typical Job Duties

• Create a cue sheet which lists music played in a film

• Produce a cue breakdown, which is a rewrite of the script from a musical point of view

• Confer with other film staff, including the director, producer and composer, to note, or "spot," all musical cues that will be used in the film

• Develop a temporary score for the film once it is partially shot, in order to establish tempo

• Send cue sheet to appropriate Performing Rights Society, which will ensure that royalties are paid to artists

• Work with music mixer to create mixes of the tracks in the film

• Ensure that the music does not overlap with dialogue


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