How to Become a Multimedia Designer

Multimedia Designer Job Description

Multimedia designers integrate audio, graphics, animation and video into presentations for various platforms, such as CD’s, DVD’s, television, video games and websites.


They must create a cohesive look and theme in order to educate or entertain their audience. 


Multimedia designers may be employed by advertising agencies, television stations, web development companies, video game companies or other companies that produce multimedia presentations.



Typical Job Duties

• Meet with client to establish needs, wants, and expectations

• Author files into a single program

• Assemble a development team and liaise with them throughout the project

• Advise clients on what is possible from a technical perspective and produce a proposal including realistic outcomes, budget and timelines

• Collaborate with other specialists, such as sound engineers, writers, animators and programmers

• Produce design ideas using computer based design programs

• Test and adjust the final program

• Producing finished work and presenting it to the client





Path for Becoming a Multimedia Designer

If you are interested in a career as a multimedia designer, a great place to start is by trying to obtain an internship position while you’re still a student. Speak with your instructors or school’s career service office professionals, as they may be able to assist you with finding such a position.


Landing an internship position is an unparalleled way to learn the job while studying, and also get a feel for what elements of the career you will enjoy and what elements you will dislike.


Accept any freelance positions you can, either while still in school or upon graduation, as each freelance job will provide you with a great opportunity to grow your portfolio. Your portfolio will serve as your visual resume, so you will want to ensure it is kept current with your most recent and best work.


If you are looking for a permanent / full time position, contact a variety of organizations that require the skills of a multimedia designer to inquire about any open positions. Keep note of who you spoke with and when, and be sure to follow up every few weeks to see if they have found a position for you yet.


There are many types of organizations that hire multimedia designers, such as video game producers, software companies, advertising agencies, government agencies, dedicated multimedia firms and many others, so there will be plenty of organizations to contact for employment.


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