How to Become a Photo Editor


Photo Editor Job Description

The photography editor is typically responsible for selecting, editing, positioning and publishing the photos that accompany the text of a publication.


They may be involved in the supervision of staff photographers and delegate photography assignments. Jewelry designers might be employed by newspapers, magazines, websites or book publishers.



Typical Job Duties

• Meet with managers to discuss what types of pictures are needed for a certain project

• May delegate photography assignments to other photography staff

• Reviews pictures to see if changes are needed and alters them accordingly

• Select, edit, position and publish photos for various projects

• May be responsible for taking own photos, such as in a smaller organization

• May be involved in training new staff members





How to Become a Photography Editor

While there isn't a set educational path for a photo editor to take, pursuing an internship opportunity with a media publication is a great way to get started. Speak with your instructors or your school’s career counselors to help you find available internships.


Photo editors are good at visualizing concepts, taking ideas from stories and articles and complimenting them with the perfect picture. If you are successful in landing an internship, there will be experienced photo editors there who will mentor you, helping you to learn about the industry first-hand. An internship is an invaluable experience that will get your foot in the door with media companies.


If you're unable to find an internship, consider taking on any job that is available working in photography, editing and art. Ideally, you'll find an entry-level position working for a publication. This will give you valuable industry experience and will put you in a great position to grow with the company.


If the company you work for doesn’t offer opportunities for growth, you will have gained marketable experience that you can use to apply for positions that are more senior in level with other companies. 


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