How to Become a Photo Retoucher


Photo Retoucher Job Description

A photograph retoucher is a specialist who takes existing photographs and enhances the image using certain techniques.


Photo retouchers work mainly with digital formats and provide services for a variety of industries that use digital images on a regular basis, although some retouch print images and use ink and brushes to do so.


Some of the main tasks are to retouch skin textures, adjust colour tones and edit backgrounds. 



Typical Job Duties

• Confer with client or manager as to photograph retouching requirements

• May use inks and paint brushes to add embellishments or edit and existing print image

• Repair dust spots on images

• Edit skin blemishes on models

• May use paint or ink to re-touch print 

• Utilization of photo editing software

• Reduce or enhance certain body parts on models

• Present finalized image for approval by client or manager





Path for Becoming a Photo Retoucher

To break into a career as a photograph re-toucher two things are necessary. The first is a portfolio, and the second is experience. It may sound difficult to ‘break into a career’ when you don’t have any experience, or have an opportunity to gain experience because you don’t have a portfolio.


Rest assured experience can be gained from volunteering your services, landing an internship or getting an entry-level job. Your portfolio development can begin by including school projects and assignments.


You can enhance your portfolio by asking relatives for old photos of ancestry. You should get plenty of materials to help perfect your photo restoration skills. If you’re more interested in fashion photography, you should try to find internet communities of photographers and models. The photographers will receive retouched images for free and you will expand your portfolio.


If you want to retouch images of products for advertising purposes, free photo stocks can be used as well. The majority of images on free stock photo websites aren’t retouched and there is plenty of space for enhancement.


Try speaking with your school’s career services office about arranging an internship, as this will help you gain valuable experience and industry contacts.


Apply for an entry or junior level job with a relevant organization, such as a publication or advertising agency, as this is a great way to begin your career. It will allow you to learn from experienced professionals, and may offer you the opportunity to pursue more senior position within the company when they become available. 


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