What is an Investigative Reporter?

Investigative Reporter Job Description

Investigative reporters thoroughly research, interpret and communicate news and public affairs through various forms of media. They investigate deeply into special interest cases and stories which pertain to such topics as public safety or misappropriation of public funds.



Typical Job Duties

• Ensure complete accuracy with regards to the information presented during broadcasts

• Maintain awareness of defamation law

• Investigate news leads, tips and story ideas

• Obtain information by reading documents, observing events and interviewing relevant parties

• Collect, organize and present information in such a way that it can be easily understood

• Write stories and broadcast news that informs readers and viewers about current local, national, and international events and the conduct of public officials, corporate executives, special interest groups and others who live in the limelight

• May specialize in one field such as health, crime, business corruption, social events, war and religion​



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