What is a Linguist?

Linguist Job Description

Linguists are responsible for studying the structure, development and usage of human language and speech. 


Linguists may work in a variety of industries, and their work duties will vary greatly depending on the nature and objectives of their employer. 



Typical Job Duties

• Design and implement research pertaining to the various elements of speech and language

• Determine objectives for the study

• Record detailed notes during the research process

• Prepare reports pertaining to the conclusions reached during the study

• May submit reports to funding bodies, or for the purpose of publication

• Confer with other linguists and relevant professionals

• May study the meaning and structure of words, phrases and sentences

• May study sound systems and their structure

• May work to identify speakers or writers for forensic purposes

• May study the way languages change over time, and the way these changes help us understand human history

• May work to develop software and informational databases



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