How to Become a Music Therapist

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Music Therapist Job Opportunities

Music Therapist Jobs - Canada


Music Therapist Jobs - United States



Music Therapist Job Description

Music therapists are responsible for using music to creatively help their clients address social, emotional and physical problems. They seek to establish a shared musical experience in the pursuit of therapeutic goals, as determined by an understanding of the client’s pathology and personal needs.



Music Therapist Job Duties

  • Help client develop increased sense of self-awareness
  • Confer with client in order to communicate therapy objectives
  • Take active role in sessions by performing music and singing
  • Plan, implement and review therapy sessions in order to monitor their effectiveness and make improvements for future sessions
  • Encourage clients to participate actively in sessions by singing and playing instruments
  • Obtain client’s consent to record the therapy session
  • Facilitate positive changes in the client’s behaviour and well-being
  • Liaise with other professionals such as nurses, psychiatrists, physicians and others


Majors that apply to a career as a Music Therapist:

Fine Arts  

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