How to Become a Ministerial Assistant

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Ministerial Assistant Job Opportunities

Ministerial Assistant Jobs - Canada


Congressional Assistant Jobs - United States



Ministerial Assistant Job Description

The Ministerial Assistant is responsible for providing timely and effective research and administrative duties to the Minister’s Office and must report to the Office Manager.



Ministerial Assistant Job Duties

  • Liaise with other government departments, other Minister’s office staff, Electoral Office staff and Parliamentary staff
  • Report to the Office Manager
  • Provide back-up service and direct assistance to other administrative staff when necessary
  • Contribute to the ongoing improvement of the Minister’s office administrative systems by reviewing, developing and where appropriate implementing new systems and
  • Assist in maintaining the Minister’s records while ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and record management policies
  • Assist the Office Manger in researching Freedom of Information applications




Majors that apply to a career as a Ministerial Assistant:

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