How to Become a Political Pollster

Political Pollster Job Description

Political pollsters conduct opinion polls for political parties, politicians, advocacy groups, elected and government officials, think tanks and corporations. Political pollsters use their knowledge of statistical analysis, social behavior and survey methods to question representative samplings of either the general population, or certain demographic groups regarding political issues.



Political Pollster Job Duties

  • Research the specific issue or set of issues by reviewing reference material and conferring with clients
  • Create, or supervise the creation of carefully worded questions in order to generate clear responses
  • Devise strategies regarding how and when the survey will be conducted
  • Perform interviews in person, over the phone, by mail or online
  • Analyze survey data, while being sure to adhere to recognized standards regarding the interpretation of complied data
  • Communicate survey results to clients
  • Ensure a prompt and accurate assessment of findings




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