What is a Member of Parliament?

Member of Parliament Job Description

Members of Parliament (MP's) are politicians who are elected as a representative of the people who form their constituency. They work towards the common good of all Canadians, as determined by majority vote. They act as legislators, policy analysts, public speakers and diplomats.


Members of Parliament work to bring bills and motions to the attention of Members of the House of Commons in order to create public policy changes; such bills and motions have included: 


• a Users’ Fee Act; an amendment to the Criminal Code’s hate propaganda section to include sexual orientation in the definition of identifiable groups

• Acts to establish Holocaust Memorial Day and a Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal

• Acts to introduce a National Organ Donor Week

• And Acts to recognize hockey and lacrosse as the national sports of Canada



Typical Job Duties

• Present the views of constituents when speaking in the House of Commons

• Question Cabinet Ministers about government actions, programs and policies

• Bring issues to the attention of colleagues and the public by introducing bills and motions

• Study and amend bills and departmental spending plans as part of a permanent standing committee or a special legislative committee

• May sit on more than one committee

• Meet with party’s national caucus weekly in order to share the views of their constituents, plan parliamentary strategy and help develop caucus positions on subjects being debated in the House

• Meet with news media, constituents and special interest groups

• Use allotted budget to hire staff in order to address constituents’ questions and issues

• May undergo extensive travel from home and constituency office to the House of Commons





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