What is a Readjustment Coordinator?

Readjustment Coordinator Job Description

Readjustment Coordinators help people overcome barriers that prevent them from living their lives as they want to live them.


This may involve working with the parents of children who have behavioral, substance abuse or anxiety issues.


The ultimate goal of the readjustment coordinator is to enable the family to function better as a whole once the work is completed.



Typical Job Duties

• Work under the direct supervision of the Team Lead

• Interact and communicate effectively with clients

• Read and interpret the policies and regulations of the organization

• Provide clinical services and organize outreach activities for clients

• Provide crisis intervention services

• Refer client to the services of other professionals as needed

• Liaise closely with family counselors

• Provide psycho-diagnostic testing and psychological assessment to clients who display clinically severe disturbances


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