What is a Sexuality Counselor?

Sexuality Counselor Job Description

Sexuality counselors deal with the sexual issues of a client or health care patient. 


Other health care professionals may not have the training and knowledge base to deal with such issues, and clients or patients may also be more reluctant to speak to general health care professionals if they sense any discomfort or hesitation on behalf of the generalist regarding the issues. 



Typical Job Duties

• Explain and justify questions and procedures

• Refer client or patient to other specialists as necessary

• Approach emotionally charged words, such as rape and abortion, with sensitivity

• Look for signs and cues of discomfort or concern

• Ensure an environment of confidence and trust

• Ensure clarification that will result in sufficiently specific information and avoid confusion and misunderstanding

• Be sensitive to gender and cultural issues

• Provide emotional support

• Evaluate and treat sexual disorders

• Involve the client or patient’s sexual partner in the evaluation and treatment whenever possible


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