What is a Suicide Prevention Services Director?

Suicide Prevention Services Director Job Description 

A Suicide Prevention Services Director is responsible for coordinating and monitoring the services provided to individuals who are designated as a high risk for suicide.



The Suicide Prevention Services Director acts as the transitional coordinator of care for these patients to ensure that care is coordinated through community based outpatient clinics or other appropriate community agencies.


Their services are provided through health care facilities or in the general community.



Typical Job Duties

• Ensure that all high risk patients have completed a safety plan, which documents strategies that high risk individuals can use to remain safe, and ways to get assistance if a crisis should occur

• Ensure that all high risk patients are followed by a case manager for the first 90 days of their assignment to the facility

• Conduct face to face or telephone interviews with high risk patients to assess their safety and compliance with the treatment program

• Track appointment no-shows and reschedule interviews

• Provide therapeutic intervention and individual or family counseling

• Conduct suicide risk assessment with individuals, which involves identifying high risk factors

• Responsible for data collection, record keeping, and monitoring patient or program clinical indicators, thresholds, and performance measurements

• Work closely with outpatient clinics as well as residential and community care programs to ensure a continuation of services


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