What is a Mentoring Coordinator?

Mentoring Coordinator Job Description

The main responsibility of a mentoring coordinator is to connect individuals who can positively influence each other’s lives.


Mentoring coordinators work in various settings such as churches, charities, prisons, businesses, schools, nonprofit organizations and community centers.



Typical Job Duties

• Contribute feedback to program evaluation efforts

• Plan trips and group activities

• Train other mentors, which includes the preparation of training materials

• Liaise with supervisors regarding individual issues or new projects

• Assist supervisors with development strategies for philanthropic partnerships

• Develop and oversee the implementation of ongoing mentoring recruitment plans

• Maintain records of attendance and outcomes for mentors and mentees. Notifies mentors when mentees will not be present during sessions or vice versa

• Act as liaison between organizations supplying the mentors and the mentee



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