What is a Rehabilitation Counselor?

Rehabilitation Counselor Job Description

Rehabilitation counselors provide assistance in the areas of maximizing independence and employability, to individuals who are coping with personal, social or vocational difficulties that are the result of birth defects, disease, illness, accidents or the stress of daily life.


They must assess the needs of clients, and implement rehabilitation programs that may include personal and vocational training, as well as job placement.



Typical Job Duties

• Analyze client information obtained from interviews, medical and educational records, as well as consultation with other professionals

• Assess the needs and abilities of clients, as well as their eligibility for services

• Arrange for physical, mental, academic, vocational and other evaluations

• Confer with clients to discuss their goals and options so that appropriate rehabilitation plans can be developed

• Develop rehabilitation plans based on the analysis of client information, and the results of testing

• Develop rehabilitation plans that fit the client’s aptitudes, education levels, physical abilities, and career goals 

• Implement rehabilitation plans that include behavioral, residential, social, and employment goals 


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