What is a Vocational Rehabilitation Coordinator?

Vocational Rehabilitation Coordinator Job Description

Vocational rehabilitation coordinators serve as the lead support professional within a vocational rehabilitation team which provides services related to the development of functional workplace skills for employees.


They provide such services as training and development, assessment of skill barriers and individualized on the job training.


Vocational rehabilitation coordinators ensure that employees are assisted in making choices appropriate to their interests and reaching their full potential.



Typical Job Duties

• Provide production goals to employees in an accurate and timely manner

• Provide case management for multiple employees

• Coordinate language learning programs as necessary

• Oversee project follow-ups by training team

• Provide guidance and support to members of the training team as necessary

• Maintain regular and effective communication with training and rehabilitation supervisor

• Serve as an employee advocate by providing referrals regarding housing, social security, transportation, citizenship, job searching, and educational pursuits

• Provide individualized training for specific job tasks

• Develop individual training plans, including measurable goals and objectives

• Maintain documentation and confidentiality in coordination of services by obtaining facilitating the completion of informed consent forms

• Provide coaching, emotional support and soft skill training to employees as necessary



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