How to Become a Performing Arts Extra



Performing Arts Extra Job Description

Performing arts extras are non-speaking members of scenes in stage, television or film productions.



Typical Job Duties

• Stand, walk, sit or perform actions in the background of scenes

• May perform actions which require certain skills such as dancing, playing sports, or handling animals

• May rehearse and perform pantomimes

• Take cues from stage, film or television director


Path for Becoming a Performing Arts Extra

There are many different ways to become a performing arts extra. A common way to break into the field is to register with modeling and talent representatives in your area. You may be required to simply fill out a profile and provide them with a headshot.


These organizations liaise with production companies who may be looking for performers and extras. If there is a production in town, the production company will provide your representative with a physical description of extras they need. If you fit the description, you will likely be contacted for work as an extra; it can be that easy.


Another approach for becoming an extra is to contact arts colleges in your area and inquire about any projects they may require extras for. There may be school based or student based projects that need extras.



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