How to Become a Stage Manager

Stage Manager Job Description

Stage managers monitor, document and supervise everything that occurs during the rehearsal process and during a stage performance. Stage managers must observe actors’ movements and lines, props, scenery, lighting and sound effects. They must coordinate the artistic and technical elements of the production. 


Stage Manager Job Duties

  • Work with designers, actors, technicians and directors
  • Monitor the inventory of costumes and props
  • Ensure that industry regulations pertaining to breaks and overtime are strictly adhered to
  • Enforce safety regulations
  • Attend rehearsals and document the artistic process and coordinate daily activities
  • Confer with directors to determine schedules
  • Perform script analysis that outline scenes, numbers of characters and who plays them, props required, costume changes, scene changes and technical requirements
  • Contact actors to inform them of rehearsal times and locations
  • Discuss production needs with directors, writers, designers, technicians and producers



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