What is an Urban Landscaper?

Urban Landscaper Job Description

Urban landscapers are urban planners who focus on finding the best use of the community’s resources including buildings, public spaces, streets and transportation.


The work of urban landscapers combines elements of urban design, environmental planning and landscape design.



Typical Job Duties

• Meet with community leaders, government officials and the general public to discuss land use needs and the best ways to address them

• May work with architects and consultants to design plans for new development

• Address the needs of residents within a growing community by recommending changes to transportation systems or existing structures

• Monitor a project’s compliance with laws and various regulations

• Create models, draw blueprints and take photographs for development projects, as well as utilize computer-aided design software to assist with plans

• May focus on environmental issues affecting land use

• If focusing on environmental issues, the goal is to take into consideration the effects on both people and nature in determining the sustainability of a residential proposal or plan

• Take into account the esthetics of a project design and the availability of natural resources and a design's impact on the environment



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