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Want to know more about becoming an entrepreneur? Meet Michael Cathrea

By Ashley Brown


If you are interested in creating your own business, you should follow the lead of Michael Cathrea. Mic is the young, and extremely successful, founder and president of Resonate Music School & Studio. By educating himself with online videos, technical courses, and mass amounts of reading - Mic is a genuine self-made success story.


At twenty-five, Mic is an example of how responsibility, integrity and commitment can turn dreams into reality. He has turned his passion for music into a thriving career - growing from a teenager with a single microphone in his parent’s basement, into an award-winning company with over thirty employees and the largest client roster in the city. While entrepreneurship sounds appealing to most, Mic is going to tell you what to expect on your way to the top. 



Interview with an Entrepreneur - Michael Cathrea


Photo Credit: Michael Cathrea, Resonate Music School & Studio



Which part of your job is the most rewarding?

Seeing others succeed through a system and/or foundation that I've played a part in building.



Can you tell us about your working routine?

My routine is more or less not having a routine at all. Each day is different from the last. The only constant is that I wake up to work and fall asleep to work. I invest on average 120-140 hours per week at the office. So, a proper chair and couch are essential pieces of office furniture. 



What are some of the toughest challenges involved in your career?

Keeping everyone happy I would say is definitely one of the greatest challenges - control is a double edged sword. From a corporate standpoint, you may be at the top - but in reality, you soon realize that the triangle is upside down. You need to understand that the support system for everyone (employees, customers, and partners) starts with you. That often means trying to meet the needs of many different people and personalities. 





What advice would you give to those aspiring to become entrepreneurs?

Being an entrepreneur isn’t a job. It’s a 24/7 lifestyle, and it’s not for everyone. It’s extremely important you realize what you’re getting into. As soon as your business grows beyond yourself, you now have a responsibility to others, and that is something you should not take lightly.


The more weight you hold in authority, the greater the ripple effect is felt from your decisions. There’s a lot of truth to the saying, “The most expensive advice is free advice”. So, if you decide to take the plunge on your own endeavour, be ready for everyone to give you their two-cents - if only those pennies were discontinued too!



Working as an Entrepreneur


Photo Credit: Michael Cathrea, Resonate Music School & Studio



For whatever reason, you’ll find people assume that because you’re in control of your time, that it equates to you having more available. Unless your role in a company isn’t a very active one, then your free time for leisure is near zero and this can be difficult for friends and family to understand.


Recognizing when you don’t know everything, it is best to either consult the experts or make them a part of your team.


Financial restrictions often mean you’ll be wearing a lot of different hats (even custodian if need be), but be aware there is a line between helping and hurting the business when it comes to expanding your roles and workload.


When it comes to capital, know that money isn’t going to manage people, or come up with that next great idea or even the marketing plan to help sell it to consumers. However you’re able to raise capital (loan, investment, crowdfunding, etc.) just know that money is simply a piece of the puzzle. The pursuit of quality people and partners is just as, if not more, important.


Finally, you need to be your biggest and most honest critic. If you want to pat yourself on the back that’s fine, just make it brief and then put those hands back to work. There isn’t a product, service, or industry that is immune to improvement. 



Being an Entrepreneur


Photo Credit: Michael Cathrea, Resonate Music School & Studio




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