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Union Organizer Job Opportunities

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Union Organizer Job Description 

Union organizers are responsible for recruiting groups of workers under the organizing model as well as servicing members and enforcing work rules. Depending on the union they represent, they may also be responsible for taking on legal roles by making representations before various tribunals. 



Union Organizer Job Duties

  • Distribute leaflets and other promotional materials in an effort to recruit new union members
  • Inform workers on the benefits of joining a union
  • Develop union contracts
  • Learn about job sites of interest, such as ownership structure, products or services made or sold, competitors and other information
  • Visit job sites of interest in an effort to recruit new union members
  • Ensure that union members’ rights are honoured
  • Form committees to help run campaigns and manage worker concerns
  • Enforce work rules
  • Maintain accurate and up to date records
  • Prepare periodic reports concerning unionizing efforts, activities, progress and status



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