What is a Staff Coordinator?

Staff Coordinator Job Description

Staff coordinators operate within human resources teams, and are responsible for screening candidates, and matching candidates with specific departmental vacancies within a company.


Staff coordinators are also responsible for maintaining appropriate levels of staffing to ensure efficiency and optimal performance.


They may be employed internally or with a staffing or recruitment agency.



Typical Job Duties

• Liaise with departmental managers to gain understanding of position vacancies

• Create job descriptions for vacancies

• Review resumes and identify qualified applicants

• Ensure application process is completed correctly

• Find suitable job placements for candidates ensuring to retain valuable employees

• Provide guidance, career counseling and career support

• Review timesheets and payroll reports

• Ensure that staff files are properly maintained

• Work closely with job applicants, employees, and hiring managers to ensure that all regulations and procedures are accurately implemented and followed


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