What is a Manufacturing Manager?


Manufacturing Manager Job Description

Manufacturing managers oversee their company’s manufacturing processes, and are ultimately responsible for ensuring their goods are produced as safely, quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.


A manufacturing manager must have current knowledge of manufacturing processes, techniques and equipment in order to determine if they can utilize them to improve the current manufacturing process of their organization.


They must also keep a close eye on the competition to see if they can find ways to counter any advantages they may have.



Typical Job Duties

• Assess the skill requirements of operations staff and develop plans to address those needs

• Establish individual accountabilities and provide support and coaching when necessary

• Ensure that manufacturing processes are compliant with company policies as well as all applicable industry regulations and legislation

• Liaise with internal and external Quality Control to ensure the quality of production is at satisfactory levels

• Prepare work schedules and provide project completion timeline estimates

• Ensure that timeliness are met, and address any issues which may impede timely completion

• Ensure that the production is cost effective and within budgetary parameters

• Track competencies of subordinates and provide leadership and development as required to achieve the objectives

• Ensure implementation and evolution of safety procedures



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