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Want to Know About Being a Retail Sales Associate? Meet Leah 

By Lindsey Gauthier


In order to find out more about what it's like working in a career as a retail sales associate, we've asked Leah Anthony of LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.



What made you decide to pursue retail sales as a career?

I off with a completely different education and decided to pursue sales after I discovered that I was really adept at the tasks and skills required. Another important factor was the chance for upward movement within the company. In a short few months I was trained for multiple positions, as well as being in charge of leading the floor and training other new sales associates.



How did you become a retail sales associate?

I first started off working for LUSH as a part-time position over the holidays in preparation for the busy shopping and Christmas season. I did so well at the location that after the temporary holiday position was over, I was asked by a manager if I would like to stay on the LUSH team as a part-time permanent employee.



Retail Sales Associate Interview

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What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy the recognition and regard that the company has for their employees. Many incentives are rewarded for employees who surpass their goals, and a strong team atmosphere is projected throughout the store. I am able to make my goals as well as receive products from the store. I also enjoy projecting my product knowledge to customers.



What part of your job is the most rewarding?

One of the most valuable and rewarding skills gained from working in sales is having the opportunity and experience to train, teach, and coach new employees. Another rewarding part of the job is having new customers come into the store and request new products for their skin because they feel hopeless and like nothing works. Often those previously frustrated customers come back in with positive feedback about how well the products worked for them, and become repeat customers. Helping others is an important aspect of the sales job.





Is there a good mix of tasks?

Working at LUSH provides a large mix of tasks for each person in each position. Associates are responsible for being familiar with many products and ingredients, as well as being able to ask customers questions and help them find a product that is suitable for their needs.


Associates also have training in demonstrations of the products, and must be able to physically sample and show how a product works on the skin. Another important task is being able to work the till and sales desk in order to ring customers through. Greeting customers and offering up one as available for any questions as well as being able to take a customer on and lead them around the store is the primary task of any retail sales associate.



Do you work alone or in a team?

I work in a very strong team where each employee is recognized as a valuable asset to the company. Meetings are held regularly to discuss goals and progress, as well as any hints and tips that the managers have for the other sales associates. A position as a retail sales associate is a good one for anyone interested in helping people, as well as being around people. Working with customers and the public gives a good chance to hear stories, opinion and knowledge, so anyone interested in interactions with customers, or an extroverted type would be a good fit for this position.



Becoming a Retail Sales Associate

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What do you enjoy about the routine?

An enjoyable part of the day is having returning customers enter the store and give praise to the employees. Often people approach the managers and compliment the atmosphere of the store, which is mentioned in team meetings. Having scheduled team meetings is good for raising morale in the employees, as well as pointing out strengths and weaknesses.


Small goal-oriented meetings held multiple times throughout the day help to break any monotony as well as keep employees focused and on task. It combines a nice amount of statistics and goals, with employee opinions and experiences.



What are some interesting things you are exposed to on a working day?

The main focus of LUSH is natural skin care and cosmetics so working with the public provides many interesting experiences and personal stories from customers. Often customers will reveal very interesting or seemingly personal background stories as a method of conveying what type of product they are looking for or as a means of asking about the sales associate’s recommendations.



Do you have any advice for those thinking of pursuing a retail sales career?

If you have a passion for dealing with people and a real interest in helping others find products that work for them, then a sales associate would be a suitable position for you. If you are looking for a sales career, find a business that offers a chance for upward movement as well as opportunity for more training.



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