How to Become a Tourism Promoter

Tourism Promoter Job Description

A tourism promoter acts as a liaison between tour operators and travel agencies and helps promote tourist products and travel packages. The primary duty of a tourism promoter is to contact retail agencies, company clubs and other potential purchasers of tourism products in order to promote the products directly. 



Tourism Promoter Job Duties

  • Contact potential purchasers such as retail agencies and associations in order to present tourism products
  • Establish good customer relations and understand customer needs
  • Show catalogues and explain booking procedures
  • Illustrate and propose travel packages, rates, new products, and any favourable commercial conditions of the company he/she represents, such as discounts, promotional campaigns, and so forth
  • Do utmost to stimulate the purchase of tourism products
  • Organize training seminars regarding tourism products and related information
  • Maintain a good company image 



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