How to Become a Juvenile Correctional Officer

Juvenile Correctional Officer Job Description

The main function of a juvenile correctional officer is to work with minors incarcerated in a variety of juvenile detention centers; which may be local, regional, or federal.


These detention centers may include overnight holding or short-term facilities, treatment centers, and prison facilities. While working with the incarcerated minors, ensuring their safety is one of the primary functions of a juvenile correctional officer.


Officers must deal with any emergencies, while upholding the facility’s rules, guidelines, offender rehabilitation and treatment programs. Juvenile justice officers must show strong communication and interpersonal skills when dealing with the young offenders.



Typical Job Duties

• Provide safety and security for the correctional facility

• Facilitate group discussions, providing counsel and working with professionals on treatment for juvenile offenders

• Ensure facility security by routinely inspecting buildings, living quarters and packages for contraband

• Monitor inmates who have a special risk or security status and enforce facility rules and regulations

• Document and report disruptive or disturbing behavior and security breaches

• Responsible for the safe transportation of juvenile offenders who need to be transported to various correction or mental health facilities, juvenile halls, classes and recreational activities

• May provide transportation and legal documentation on extradition and jurisdiction cases

• Work with the therapeutic treatment team to determine and employ appropriate therapeutic program

• Assist in the facilitation of group discussions

• Teach problem-solving skills, behavioral management and accountability; and make observations to supervisors on the behavioral and functional progress of juvenile offenders.

• Juvenile correctional officers may observe, record and report health problems as well as follow medical orders and dispense medications​





How to Become a Juvenile Correctional Officer

A career as a juvenile correctional officer may involve different types of certification and specialized training, depending on the region of employment.


Recommended practice for starting down your career path is to contact local juvenile correction centres and ask them what sort of specific training and certification you may require for a career as a juvenile correctional officer.


Ensure you make note of who you spoke with and when, because after you receive any necessary certification it would be a good idea to follow up with that person and ask if they have any job openings.


It's also recommended to check job boards and job search websites such as ours for juvenile correctional officer jobs in your city.



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