How to Become a Location Scout

Location Scout Job Description

A film or television program’s task of finding a specific location to shoot outside of the studio is charged to the Location Scout.


A Location Scout visits various areas to look for the best matches for certain scenes. The ultimate goal of this task is to find the best match for the scene based on its description, provided by the writer or director.



Typical Job Duties

• Familiarize themselves with a particular area in order not to get lost, thus using time efficiently

• When a suitable location is found, the Location Scout must ensure that the proper channels have been followed

• Scouts must communicate their intentions of scouting a location with the filmmakers

• The Location Scout has to photograph and video record the location in order to share the site with the filmmakers and Location Manager



How to Become a Location Scout

To begin a career as a location scout you must first gain relevant industry by working on movie sets. To do this, try applying for a job or an internship as a production assistant. Try contacting production companies to see if they are hiring production assistants. To supplement your search, try searching production assistant jobs on internet job boards.


If you are able to land a job in the film industry, you will gain a good understanding of the logistical requirements of using a location as well as other details such as how to obtain the proper government permits. If you express your interest to become a location scout and develop the right contacts, you can expect work to flow in piece by piece.


You must ensure to be available on short notice for a location scout job, and be very receptive towards work assignments as most assignments are opportunities to act and promote yourself as a scout.


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