How to Become a Makeup Artist



Makeup Artist Job Description

Makeup artists work with actors in television, films, stage and theatre productions, as well as news broadcasters in order to enhance their appearance, to create special effects, or for the purposes of portraying certain characters.



Typical Job Duties

• The make-up artist must enhance the features of a performer for close up camera shots or the scrutiny of a live audience

• Restore the normal colour and tone of the hands and face under various levels of brightness used in production lighting

• Create special physical features or effects for performers, such as scars, aging or a particular look for a character

• Use three dimensional prosthetics in order to create a certain body shape  for specific characters

• Assess performers' skin to ensure that make-up will not cause any form of skin irritation  



How to Become a Makeup artist

In order to begin a career as a make-up artist, you must first decide whether you want to be a self-employed make-up artist, or work directly for an organization. Organizations that may hire make-up artists include television, film and theatre production companies, retail make-up stores, modeling agencies and other organizations.


If looking to be employed immediately upon entering the field, a good place to start is to contact any organization that utilizes the service of make-up artists and ask if they have any open job postings. You may also want to try searching online job boards, such as ours, and other job searching resources.


It is important to remain realistic about the low probability of finding a job as a make-up artist right away, due to the highly competitive nature of the profession. As a result of the high competition level in this field, many make-up artists also become skilled hairdressers or personal stylists, and acquiring such skills may make your services more marketable.


If deciding to become a self-employed make-up artist, you must first develop a business plan, in order to determine what your costs will be, such as those for advertising and equipment, and who you will be marketing your services to.


Something to keep in mind is that some regions may require make-up artists to obtain special certification or earn certain qualifications before they can be employed or licensed.



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