How to Become a Personal Assistant to the Director



Personal Assistant to the Director Job Description

The Personal Assistant to the Director works closely with the Director, usually on a one-to-one basis for the main purpose of performing administrative functions.


This helps the Director best use his or her time.



Typical Job Duties

• Liaising with clients, producers and other staff

• Organizing, scheduling and attending meetings, as well as ensuring the director is prepared for meetings

• Taking dictation and minutes of meetings

• Delegating administrative duties to other assistants

• Devising and maintaining office systems, including data management and filing

• Arrange for travel methods and accommodations, as well as frequent travel with director

• Provide general assistance during presentations

• Meeting and greeting visitors of all levels of seniority

• Screening correspondences and handling them when appropriate



Path for Becoming a Personal Assistant to the Director

A great way to break into the role of personal assistant to the director is by contacting production companies directly, by telephone or in person if possible. The more direct level of contact you can make the better, as this allows them to more accurately judge whether or not you will be a good fit for the company.


Do not get discouraged if you are only offered low level positions. Many directors’ assistants begin by getting coffee, making photocopies and running other such errands for production staff. If you are dependable and show a strong, effective work ethic opportunities to advance will come your way.



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