How to Become a Technical Director

Technical Director Job Description

The technical director is responsible for coordinating the activities and assignments of technical departments, such as taping, editing, engineering and maintenance within a radio, television or film production.



Technical Director Job Duties

  • Collaborate with the promotions manager in order to produce on-air station promotions
  • Liaise with operations directors to create technical policies for programs
  • Test equipment to ensure it functions properly
  • Monitor broadcasts in order to ensure that programs conform to station or network policies and regulations
  • Act as liaison between the engineering and technical departments
  • Observe pictures through monitors, and direct camera and video staff concerning shading and composition
  • Train staff in the use of equipment such as cameras, microphones, lights and switchers
  • Execute video transitions such as fades, dissolves and cuts using computer programs
  • Follow the instructions of the production managers and directors during productions
  • Discuss visual effects and lens choices with photography directors and video operators



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