How to Become a Video Production Instructor


Video Production Instructor Job Description

The Video Production Instructor instructs classes and labs as assigned. Working under the direction of the Director of Video Production, they advise students and maintain equipment within the video department.



Typical Job Duties

• Instruct and advise students

• Assist in the long range planning and development of curriculum integration for the Video Department

• Assist in the collaboration and implementation of curriculum for the various departments, including: Video Production Remote Production Unit; Digital Media, Journalism

• Assist in the development of budget within various related departments

• Provide training for outside clients in Video Department

• Provide Digital Video production assistance as directed by the Department Head and as time permits

• Assist with remote broadcasts as needed

• Coordinate the production of external client projects as directed by the Department Head

• Maintain remote unit under the direction of the Department Head

• Maintain video and related equipment

• Assist with remote broadcasts as needed





How to Become a Video Production Instructor

The requirements for college and university instructors vary from region to region and country to country, although there are elements that remain true across borders. Be sure to fully investigate what credentials you will need.


Speaking with your instructors will give you valuable insight into the path they took to become an instructor. Also, you may want to check with schools that you are interested in working for, in order to see what level of formal education you require, as well as relevant experience and supplementary training or certification.


They will be able to outline the necessary requirements for you. Once you are confident that you have all of the necessary credentials, you can begin contacting all of the schools that you wish to work for and inquire about any available positions.



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