What is a Lighting Technician?

Lighting Technician Job Description

Lighting technicians are responsible for setting up, maintaining and operating light fixtures, control devices and any related electrical and rigging equipment used in television, film or theatre productions.


Lighting technicians must use traditional lighting fixtures, moving head and mirror fixtures, colour filters and light modifiers to create the lighting effects desired by the director and lighting designers. 



Typical Job Duties

• Liaise with the head electrician, lighting designers and director of photography to implement lighting designs

• Read and interpret blueprints

• Use computer aided design programs to create drawings and plans

• Set up, focus and operate lighting fixtures, control consoles and auxiliary equipment

• Perform simple electrical wiring tasks

• Coordinate lighting riggings with sound technicians and stage carpenters

• Perform routine equipment maintenance

• Ensure lighting equipment is in safe working condition



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