What is a Political Scientist?

Political Scientist Job Description

Political scientists are responsible for studying the institutions, laws and methods used in a country’s political process and governmental system.


They must also identify and analyze the influences that form government policies, practices and organization, as well as fundamental questions concerning related concepts, such as freedom, security, power, justice and democracy.



Typical Job Duties

• Analyze the policies, public issues, legislation and operations of governments, corporations, and non-governmental organizations

• Plan and conduct research pertaining to public policy, law and political processes relating to domestic and international politics

• Publish or present the results of research in academic publications, written reports or at public seminars

• Act as an advisor to government agencies, non-governmental organizations and corporations

• Act as an advisor to elected officials in municipal, regional or federal office

• Collect, analyze and interpret data such as election results and surveys

• Serve on administrative boards and commissions

• Provide media commentary on political issues



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