What is a Sound Designer?

Sound Designer Job Description

The sound designer is responsible for creating or selecting music and sound effects for television, film and theatre productions.


Sound designers may also handle monitoring, reinforcement and intercom related needs.



Typical Job Duties

• Read the script and become familiar with the production concept

• Prepare a list of the required sound and music in the script, categorized as live sound, recorded sound, live music, recorded music and enhancement

• Liaise with the director in order to decide how certain sound effects are to be obtained

• Source and hire live musicians if necessary

• Determine both the on and off stage or set placement of audio and effects

• Prepare work schedules for special recording sessions, practice rehearsals and level setting sessions

• Preview all effects, recordings, sheet music, songs, etc. with the Director to ensure that they are satisfactory prior to level setting sessions

• Manage singers, musicians and sound crew members


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