What is a Visible Minorities Corporate Policy Officer?

Visible Minorities Corporate Policy Officer Job Description

Visible minorities corporate policy officers are responsible for monitoring and evaluating their organization’s compliance with equal opportunity laws, guidelines and policies in order to ensure that employment opportunities are given regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, gender or nationality.



Typical Job Duties

• Interpret civil rights laws and equal opportunity regulations for individuals or employers

• Verify that all job descriptions meet regulatory standards and are submitted for final approval

• Develop guidelines for non-discriminatory employment practices, and monitor their implementation and impact

• Prepare reports based on hiring statistics and recommend any necessary corrective actions to senior management

• Liaise with job search committees in order to ensure they understand equal opportunity laws and regulations

• Review the equal opportunity complaint submission process in order to ensure complaints are received and dealt with in a timely manner

• Study equal opportunity complaints to clarify issues

• Arbitrate and settle equal opportunity complaints and disputes

• Determine if systematic discrimination exists by conduct surveys and analyzing their findings



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