How to Become a Talent Agent

Talent Agent Job Description

Marketing and promoting various people with talent in fields such as acting or modeling is the job of a Talent Agent.


Many Talent Agents focus on a specific niche, such as models of a certain age, or certain actors and actresses.



Typical Job Duties

• Work closely with the talent they are representing in order to help them develop necessary skills, such as that for auditioning

• Need to keep up to date with industry trends and developments

• Spend a great deal of time networking with directors, photographers and other clients and potential clients who may have a need for talent of some sort

• Make recommendations to clients and potential clients regarding available talent that they are representing

• Recruit talent for representation using various methods including advertisements, tryouts, modeling shows or community based competitions





Steps for Becoming a Talent Agent

To get started in a career as a talent agent, try contacting talent management companies to see if they have any entry level or internship positions. If they are a company that you truly want to work for, then take whatever they give you. Chances are that if you get their attention, you can become an agent’s assistant.


Agent’s assistants learn the ropes by observing how artists, actors and other individuals are managed. They also gain a deep understanding of the background functioning of the entertainment industry.


If you work hard and show a genuine interest in becoming an agent then you may be asked to take on more responsibility, and eventually become promoted to the role of talent agent.


It is not uncommon for assistants to become talent agents within 1-3 years. New agents may also be asked to find and acquire new talent, which means attending shows and performance on a regular basis.



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