How to Become a Brewmaster


To become a brewmaster, you first need to determine if this career path is a good fit for you. Does the following describe you?


Those who become brewmasters have more than just a passion for beer; they must be willing to gain comprehensive knowledge in how it is produced, which takes years of experience. They must have the patience and dedication necessary to accumulate the amount of career experience, and develop the appropriate skill set, needed to succeed in this line of work.


Brewmasters are individuals who place quality above all else; they work long hours to ensure the product they produce is of high quality, both in terms of taste and safety. They must be comfortable supervising the work of others and have effective communication skills.


Below we've outlined what you'll need to begin a career as a brewmaster in the United States, Canada, and beyond. We've also included helpful information for this career, such as job description, job duties, salary expectations, a list of possible employers and much more!



Education Needed to Become a Brewmaster

The educational requirements for entering this profession can vary by brewery. Some employers may prefer hiring candidates that have a college diploma in an area such as brewery operations management or brewing; others may prefer to hire only candidates that have a university degree in an area such as management or business administration; while some employers may not take education into account at all, and strictly hire candidates with many years of experience in brewing.





General Job Description

A brewmaster is in charge of the general operation of a brewery, including its day-to-day operations, as well as the quality control of the beer it produces. Depending on the size of the brewery, a brewmaster might also be responsible for overseeing specific administrative functions of a brewery, such as finances and management of staff.


Brewmasters must have a comprehensive understanding of the brewing process, as they oversee every aspect of it. They are responsible for the quality of the beer they produce, in terms of both safety and taste. They must select or oversee the selection of the raw materials, select recipes, taste and quality testing of the beer. 



Typical Job Duties

• Check temperatures and quality of samples

• Record notes during quality assurance process

• Confer with laboratory staff to initiate further tests to improve the product

• Make adjustments to equipment or processes in order to correct problems identified during testing

• Find with suppliers and vendors and develop positive working relationships with them

• Manage resources and staff in order to meet objectives

• Develop seasonal and specialty beer recipes and ensure they appeal to a specified market



Skills Needed to Be Successful

To be effective as a brewmaster, you need to posses a certain set of skills; skills that may come natural to you, as well as skills that you acquire during your years of experience working in a brewery. These skills include:


• Able to direct the work of others, and discipline when necessary

• Able to motivate and lead staff

• Able to effectively operate brewery equipment

• Must be able to evaluate quality of beer using taste, sight and smell

• Must have comprehensive knowledge of brewing ingredients

• Must have a thorough understanding of the chemistry of brewing

• Must have a deep commitment to customer satisfaction

• Strong interpersonal skills

• Strong organizational skills





Salary Level Typical to This Profession

The salary level of brewmasters can vary depending on factors such as their level of experience, the specific responsibilities of their job, what company they for, the amount of beer they oversee production of, and many others. Unfortunately, there is no reliable salary data available specifically for 'Brewmasters', although we can get a good idea of what they earn by looking at the salary level of closely related occupations.


Salaries in Canada: According to the 2018 Alberta Wage and Salary Survey, Albertans working in the Manufacturing Managers occupational group earn an average wage of between $20.00 and $77.88 per hour, with an overall average wage of $46.00 per hour. Unfortunately, no similar statistics were available from reliable sources for other Canadian provinces or territories at the time of writing (June 22, 2019).


Salaries in the United States: According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual salary of workers in the General and Operations Managers occupational group earn a mean annual salary of $114,850


Who Employs Brewmasters?

Brewmasters are employed by organizations that produce beer in large or small quantities, or by organizations that teach others how to become brewmasters. These organizations may include:


• Micro breweries

• Large brewing corporations

• Brewpubs

• Self-employment (as a brewery or brewpub owner)

• Colleges, trade schools and universities



Current Jobs in The Field

Our job board below has brewmaster postings in your area of Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, when available:




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Interview with a Brewmaster

Do you want to hear what a career as a brewmaster is like, from the perspective of someone working in the field? Read the interview we've conducted with John, the Brewmaster from Jasper Brewing Co. Brew Pub and Eatery in Jasper. Alberta.



Scholarships for Becoming a Brewmaster

Scholarships listed for majors that are relevant for this profession can be found on our Chemistry Scholarships and Biochemistry Scholarships pages.


Success Tip: Be sure to apply for any scholarships that you even barely qualify for, as there are millions of dollars of scholarships that go unused every year due to a lack of applicants!



Relevant Majors

Studying one of the university majors listed below is an excellent starting point for getting into this field:


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