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Special Education Needs Teacher Job Description

Special education needs teachers are responsible for working with students who require extra support in order to complete their learning successfully. They may work with children and young adults who are physically disabled, mentally disabled, sensory impaired, have speech and language difficulties, have behavioural difficulties or are emotionally vulnerable.




Special Education Needs Teacher Job Duties

  • Review statements regarding the special education needs of students
  • Attend workshops and seminars in order to ensure continuous professional development
  • Liaise closely with parents and guardians
  • Assist with the personal care of severely disabled students
  • Organize learning activities for outside of the classroom
  • Prepare lessons and resources for classes
  • Use special equipment and facilities, such as audiovisual materials and computers to stimulate interest in learning
  • Collaborate with classroom teachers to define appropriate activities for the pupils in relation to the curriculum
  • Perform specialized teaching functions, such as teaching Braille to visually impaired students and teaching sign language to students with hearing impairments



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